Why we don´t do hubs!

Mrz 15, 2021 | News, Uncategorized

We get asked a lot why we don’t do hubs. So here is why:

  1. We do Carbon, that’s where we’re good in. Doing Aluminium hub bodies is no rocket science, but it would take a long while an we rather spend the time doing better carbon products than developing something that is already on the market from x brands.
  2. Have you every been stuck somewhere, waiting for a special spare part? That can be frustrating. That’s we we use DT Swiss hubs as a standard. DT offers a great service almost around the globe, so if you need new bearings in Australia or lost an end cap in Malaysia – DT will have you covered! Alternatively we can build your wheels with you favorite hub or even Classified bodies.
  3. Pricewise we would be building these hubs in a small scale, so we would most probably be very expensive. We doubt our hubs would be significantly better than those on the market, so why should we make you pay more for them?

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